Lomax Farm

The Elma C. Lomax Research and Education Farm supports local, organic farming while encouraging a new generation of farmers


The Elma C. Lomax Research and Education Farm (Lomax) is a certified organic farm located in Concord, NC.

Lomax launched in 2009 by the Cabarrus County government and Cooperative Extension as a training ground for new farmers. The farm has evolved into a research and education farm managed by CFSA.

Through our Student Outdoor Immersive Learning at Lomax (SOILLS) program, we provide hands learning opportunities to college students, STEM activities to K-12 and high school students, business incubation to Farmers-in-Training (FiTs), as well as workshops for farmers and the general public.

Our research program supports the needs of organic farmers in the Southeast by addressing challenges in organic production to ensure the long-term success of organic growers in our region. Research projects include a High Tunnel Grafted Tomato Study, Evaluation of the Efficacy of Organic Biopesticides, and Evaluation of Scale-Appropriate Technology for Organic No-Till Vegetable Production.



Want a virtual tour of Lomax? Check out this resource by our friends over at NC State Extension.

About Lomax

Middle school students in a field at Lomax Farm

The Elma C. Lomax Research & Education Farm was started in 2009 in response to the decreasing number and increasing age of farmers in Cabarrus County and the growing demand for locally grown food.

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Give to Lomax

A Lomax farm intern learning to use the BCS mower

  • The USDA estimates that about 70% of farmland will change hands over the next two decades.
  • The average age of farmers today is 57.
  • As many as 50% of US farmers will retire in the next ten years.

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Meet Some Farmers-in-Training

Who are some of our current and former FiTs? 

Joe Rowland explains how to use the waterwheel transplanter at Rowland's Row. Gold Hill, NC.

Farmers-in-Training (FiTs) receive classroom instruction on the business of farming in Cabarrus County as well as hands-on farm experience. Participants in the program develop and manage their own agriculture business while receiving guidance from staff and seasoned farmers.

FiTs have a 3-5 year participation period at the farm and Lomax staff aim to help the new farmers find land of their own.

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