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Cross-Contact: Food, Farming, & Allergens

by Kim Butz美国CFSA南卡罗来纳州地方农产品安全协调员|. 13, 2021 —
Food allergy spelled out in blocks with allergy food piled behind it (almonds, milk, cheese, strawberry, seeds, eggs, peanuts and  crustaceans or shrimp)

When we think of farming, we rarely associate our farming practices with potentially life-threatening allergens.

Many of the farms I visit are undergoing preparation for their Harmonized GAP (Good Agricultural Practices) certification, and it is necessary to ask if allergens are present on the farm as part of the standard requirements. I often ask this question to my produce farmers while standing next to a chicken coop brimming with eggs or a picture-perfect peanut field. 通常,我听到的回答是,“农场里没有过敏原.”

This is not surprising; many do not realize that six out of the top eight allergens can easily be found on a diversified Carolina farm.

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What Market Is Right For Me?

by Geoff SeelenCFSA市场准入协调员|,7月3日. 14, 2021 —

开办农场是你做过的最困难的事情之一. In addition to being responsible for producing many varieties of fruits and vegetables, 你需要商业智慧来成功地推销和销售你的产品. Deciding where to sell is as important as deciding what to sell.

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by Gena MooreCFSA有机研究协调员|,6月3日. 23, 2021 —
Sprouted purple broccoli close-up

Many of us are in the thick of the growing season right now, and the heat is picking up! 把一些生产转移到冬天不是很好吗? That’s exactly what we’ve been looking at over at Lomax Farm, CFSA’s education and research farm.

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by Mark DempseyCFSA农场服务经理| 2021年5月26日星期三

Research plots at Lomax Farm. Mowed and crimped plots, 使用不同设备实现, 跨越一个被景观织物覆盖的地块.

bwin体育必赢很高兴CFSA的第二年的有机食品即将开始, 洛马克斯农场的免耕研究项目, 研究不同覆盖作物的效果如何, organic no-till systems perform, 以及每一个都有意义的面积. 如果你是一个中小规模的种植者,谁会想知道哪种有机食品, no-till method or equipment to use, 以及投资更大规模的设备是否有意义, bwin体育必赢希望这项研究能帮助你们做出一些决定. While our research is not definitive – it covers only one crop and needs another year of data at least – it will hopefully provide a framework for navigating the decision-making process when taking on organic no-till or scaling up.

但是,在讨论项目结果之前,让bwin体育必赢先看看 这些问题激发了bwin体育必赢的研究. 你可能已经问过自己很多这样的问题:

  1. What’s the best method to pull off a successful no-till crop: roller-crimper, flail mower, or something else?
  2. How do production costs and profits compare across different methods and acreages?
  3. At what acreage should I consider “buying up” and investing in a tractor or walk-behind tractor, 而且覆盖作物终止方法对面积有影响?
  4. 在我用完时间之前,我可以使用多少不同的方法?
  5. How does all of this stack up against the organic industry standard: tilled and bedded with plastic mulch? 
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by Gena MooreCFSA有机研究协调员,以及 Mark Dempsey4月4日星期四,CFSA农场服务经理|. 29, 2021 – 



  • Yield from three grafted heirloom tomato varieties with the same un-grafted varieties grown under plastic was compared at the Elma C. Lomax Research and Education Farm.
  • Increased cost associated with grafted tomato production in high tunnels was evaluated to determine if yields justified costs.

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by Chloe JohnsonCFSA本地食品系统经理|,周二,三月. 16, 2021 —
Farm visit at Kindlewood Farms
CFSA的金·巴兹来农场视察 Kindlewood Farms in Walterboro, SC

食品安全的世界似乎是一个规则和法规的迷宫. If none of your buyers have demanded that you get GAP (“Good Agricultural Practices”) certified, 那么也许你还没有试图解开这个迷宫. You may know that the law governing food safety—the Food Safety Modernization Act (FSMA)—is different from GAP certification, but may also assume your farm is too small to have to worry about FSMA rules.

Use this tool that CFSA created to clarify whether you are really too small for FSMA rules to affect your farm.

No matter the size, it is a good idea for all farms to be familiar with FSMA’s basic produce safety rules. 记住,如果你卖得更多,你在法律下的地位也会改变, 或者将很大一部分销售转向批发. Also, business owners have to stay on top of industry trends to protect their business investments; and FSMA outlines most of the best practices in fresh produce food safety.

It can take some brainstorming to determine how to incorporate food safety principles into your farm’s operations. 一旦你熟悉了规则, it can still be difficult to determine if you are applying them appropriately. 也许你有一些无法更换的旧设备, but you aren’t sure if it would pass muster in a food safety audit or inspection. Or, you would like someone to view your wash station to make sure you aren’t missing any steps.

如果您通过了GAP认证或参加过bwin体育必赢的一些GAP认证课程, 你会熟悉一般的食物安全原则. 但如果你想要针对FSMA的教育, 你们的农业部有一个很好的资源叫 On-Farm Readiness Review.

“This program might be particularly helpful for farms who think they may sell themselves into coverage under FSMA in the near future, 或者那些正在扩建基础设施的公司.”

即使你是FSMA的豁免或合格的豁免, 您仍然有资格进行免费和保密的评估. This program might be particularly helpful for farms who think they may sell themselves into coverage under FSMA in the near future, 或者那些正在扩建基础设施的公司. Better to get input on food safety concerns before you are expected to be in full compliance!

I spoke with Sarah Cope, 国家食品和药物管理局农产品安全项目外联协调员, to get more information about the On-Farm Readiness Reviews (OFRR) offered by the NCDA.

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by Karen McSwain, CFSA项目副执行主任 | Updated Thursday, Apr. 1, 2021 –

Close-up of bok choiCFSA is looking for produce farmers that want to take their financial management skills to a higher level by joining our Diversified Vegetable Farm Financial Benchmarking Study.



CFSA & Pasa's logos

Farmers selected will receive detailed individualized financial reports comparing their farm against similar operations in the Carolinas. They will also get expert advice on how to use that data to improve their profitability, 以及对新市场潜在价值的洞察.

CFSA is excited to collaborate with Pasa Sustainable Agriculture (Pasa) to launch the 多元化蔬菜金融标杆研究 in the Carolinas to provide intensive financial management tools and training to a select group of farmers. Financial benchmarking is a valuable tool for farmers interested in evaluating their operation’s strengths and weaknesses compared to their peers.

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by CFSA | Last updated Friday, Oct. 8, 2021 – 

CFSA编制了以下资助清单, cost-share programs, 北卡和南卡的农民都可以获得贷款.

We encourage you to contact grant and loan providers directly for more information. bwin体育必赢将继续更新这个页面,因为新的信息成为可用的.

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How to Grow Carrots Successfully

by Dylan Alexander,洛马克斯农场协调员|星期二,2月2日. 9, 2021 —

Researchers work in carrots plots at NCDA's Mountain Research Station; Credit: Leonora Stefanile, North Carolina State University

有没有试过种胡萝卜,却发现发芽有问题? You are not alone.

Running the beginning farmer program 在CFSA的研究和教育农场, 我收到很多bwin必赢线路种植蔬菜的问题, 而胡萝卜在这个列表的前列——尤其是在发芽方面.

Carrots can be frustrating with their sometimes lengthy germination time but are still one of my favorite vegetables to grow. That said, carrots can be difficult to grow because of weed and disease pressure. 他们对杂草没有竞争力, 特别是发芽较慢,疾病很常见的时候, 特别是在潮湿条件下(排水不良或播种密集).


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